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Postgraduate Program in Teaching, Basic Education and Teache
Teaching of Natural Sciences and Mathematics is a research line that includes studies with scope on teaching practices and teacher training in the areas: Physics, Chemistry, Biological Sciences and Mathematics. For this, in all studies have been considered the teaching contextualization in Primary and Middle School Education, as well as the processes of initial and continuous teacher training. So, in this research line are investigated the: (a) teaching and learning process; (b) theoretical conceptions; (c) teaching methodologies; (d) production of didactic resources; (e) teaching action and its formation; (f) interface of teaching with the social and cultural contexts; and (g) sustainable development of the environment.
School Practice, Teaching, Society, and Teacher Training is the second research line of the PPGEEDUC that contemplates studies with focus on the theoretical-methodological conceptions about the school practices, teacher training in Primary and Middle School Education, and the teaching practices in Human and Social Sciences. The studies developed in this line are conducted to investigate the: (a) teaching and learning process and its interface with the historical, social and cultural context; (b) public policies in education; (c) production of didactic resources; (d) practice of scientific dissemination in Primary Education; (e) initial and continuous teacher training; (f) education and diversity; and (g) teaching and the process of school and social inclusion.
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